About Me

Hi, this is Oguz Demir.

I am a senior software engineer currently living in Toronto. This year i have completed fifteen years of my professional software development career. It is a long run :-) I realized that i did a lot of things down the road.

“I studied fine arts, business administration and had master’s degree on computer science.”
“I don’t play video games that much but i know how to code them.”
“I can fix any kind of software bugs but can’t promise not to create another one.”
“I like to share everything that i (believed that i) know such as; how fast the code might perform, how the movie ends (if i already watched it), how the weather will be on weekend and how much i was happy when i first saw a white squirrel”

I worked on many different platforms and development environments. I,
“… started with HTML 3.0. I am coming from the era that the web layouts were managed with tables”
“… coded CGI applications with C on apache web server.”
“… used JavaScript 1.2.”
“… developed web applications even with FileMaker.”
“… -unfortunately- know what the CORBA is”
“… am an expert on PowerBuilder, although i hate it”
“… really loved Java once.”
“… coded financial systems for years”
“… and finally found peace on mobile development”

For the last five years, i have been mostly architecting/developing mobile enterprise systems. I recently decided to write this blog and share couple of things especially about iOS development.

For more about me; visit my LinkedIn profile: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/oguzdemir